angular acceleration

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angular acceleration

See angular velocity.

Angular Acceleration


a vector quantity that characterizes the rate of change of the angular velocity of a rigid body.

In the case of rotation about a fixed axis, the angular acceleration and angular velocity can be treated as scalars. If the angular velocity (angular speed) ω to increases or decreases uniformly, the angular acceleration is ∊ = Δω/Δt, where Δω is the increase in ω occurring during the time interval Δt. In the general case of rotation about a fixed axis, ∊ = dω/dt = d2φ/dt2, where φ is the rotation angle of the body.

The angular acceleration vector e is aligned with the axis of rotation; this vector points in the direction of the angular velocity vector ω for accelerated rotation and in the opposite direction for decelerated rotation. In the case of rotation about a fixed point, the angular acceleration is defined as the first derivative of the angular velocity ω with respect to time—that is, ∊ = dω/dt—and is directed along the tangent to the hodograph of ω at the corresponding point. Angular acceleration has the dimension T–2, where T is time.

angular acceleration

[′aŋ·gyə·lər ak‚sel·ə′rā·shən]
The time rate of change of angular velocity.
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The angular acceleration is achieved by the pushing force generated by the right leg and driving the ball down through the low point by keeping the shoulder low.
The vestibular stimuli applied in this study were repetitive short-duration rotatory movements (stepwise angular accelerations, clockwise [CW] and counterclockwise [CCW] in consecutive trials) of the subject's entire body around a vertical axis, The onset of the positive acceleration served as a trigger impulse for averaging the EEG segments.
The physical effect of this imballance is represented by a momentary bending and angular acceleration of the rocket frame, due to the inherent dissymetry of the aerodynamic loads along the frame (Fig.
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This is achieved by planetary gears that compensate for the angular acceleration and align the payoff roller to the braid point.
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As to the fact that the electrical torque of an induction machine is not able to be measured by the electrical units of current and voltage, the only possibility is to measure the shaft torque and the angular acceleration [2, 3].
The angular velocity ([omega]) and angular acceleration ([alpha]) of the pelvis rotation was calculated using the following equations:
The most important parameter is a maximal angular acceleration that a human head can achieve.