angular distance

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angular distance

See apparent distance.

Angular Distance

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The distance between points in an astrological chart is always expressed in terms of angular distance. Because the locations of the significant elements of a horoscope are expressed in terms of degrees and minutes (and, occasionally, seconds) of the zodiac, the distance between any two points is similarly expressed as so many degrees and minutes of the arc between them. For example, the angular distance between a planet located at 3°15’ Aries and another planet situated at 24°27’ Aries would be 21°12’.

angular distance

[′an·gyə·lər ′dis·təns]
For two points, the angle between the lines from a point of observation to the points.
The angular difference between two directions, numerically equal to the angle between two lines extending in the given directions.
The arc of the great circle joining two points, expressed in angular units.
The distance between two points, expressed in wavelengths at a specified frequency.
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longitude, celestial Angular distance along the ecliptic from the vernal equinox eastward.
Equation (28) shows that the projection of a point P on edge AB only depends on the angular distance of P to B (x) and the angular distance of P to A (y).
For fluorescence, pattern recognition factors encompassed spectral area, peak positions and angular distance between spectra.
investigated this question and found that while GCA maps were able to detect early glaucoma, this ability was affected by the angular distance between the fovea and retinal nerve fiber layer defect.
Initially, due to the long simulation durations in Matlab, tests were done only for the first half of an year, with a temporary distance of 10 days and a latitude angular distance of 11[degrees].
In movable robots, inclusive removing the camera, angular distances and positions of the camera towards the environmental objects are variable.

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