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And horses aren't your only choice in draft animal power.
Economist and financial writer Barber recounts the mechanical and commercial evolution of the automobile, seeing it as a 150-year struggle to devise a means of propelling a vehicle without animal power.
He commented that Ford had "an insatiable desire to get rid of animal power.
The pyramids, however, border an area of Cairo that bustles with commerce, including an extensive transportation system that depends primarily on animal power.
In addition to their military value, horses became an important source of animal power and improved transportation.
For the latest use of animal power, however, you'd need a microscope to see the critters in action.
Her body morphs through shapes that speak of the fragility of the spirit and the animal power of a predator.
Animal power is a renewable energy source that is particularly suited to family-level fanning and local transport.
Having harnessed animal power, wind power, water power and steam power, there was only one thing left to manipulate: humanity itself.
Central African farmers don't have any animal power, because sleeping sickness kills all the animals--cattle, the horses, the burros and the mules.
Directly after the group, the leading man was seen xeroxing the Mountain Lion section of the animal power book.
One moment of indecision and a living, galloping symbol of animal power has crashed over and become a limping cripple for whom you fear the worst.