animal-rights movement

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animal-rights movement,

diverse individuals and groups concerned with protecting animals from perceived abuse or misuse. Supporters are specifically concerned with the use of animals for medical and cosmetics testing, the killing of animals for furs, hunting for pleasure, and the raising of livestock in restrictive or inhumane quarters, so-called factory farming. Concern for inhumane treatment of animals has led many supporters of the movement to advocate vegetarianism. Although the movement can trace its roots to the antivivisection campaigns (see vivisectionvivisection
, dissection of living animals for experimental purposes. The use of the term in recent years has been expanded to include all experimentation on living animals, rather than just dissection alone.
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) of the 19th cent., the modern movement is closely tied to environmental issues. In the early 1970s, environmental activist organizations, such as GreenpeaceGreenpeace,
international organization that promotes environmental awareness and addresses environmental abuse through direct, nonviolent confrontations with governments and companies. Founded in 1971 to oppose U.S.
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, began protesting against the annual slaughter of Canadian fur seals and against commercial whalingwhaling,
the hunting of whales for the oil that can be rendered from their flesh, for meat, and for baleen (whalebone). Historically, whale oil was economically the most important. Early Whaling

Whaling for subsistence dates to prehistoric times.
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. The movement gained support in the 1980s with increasing opposition to the commercial fur industry and objections to the indiscriminate or routine use of laboratory animals in research and testing. By the 1990s, membership in major national animal-rights organizations, such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, had grown dramatically. Animal-rights campaigns have been responsible in large part for substantial tightening of regulation in the use of animals for research.


See P. Singer, Animal Liberation (1975); T. Reagan, The Case for Animal Rights (1983).

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He provides information about the history of both the animal rights movement and the scientific use of animals.
Even though it sounds preposterous, in public meetings local animal rights advocates have even said that humans should not own animals.
Manjit Singh, 53, an engineer from India, said: "Yes, I'm definitely aware of animal rights and I read about it in newspapers.
And as animal rights groups bid to win public support for their calls for a ban, the Humane Society of the United States has released their equally disturbing video which they claim was filmed in the Gulf of St Lawrence.
Reports even suggested his refusal to give up his fur-packed wardrobe was one of the reasons his marriage to animal rights activist Pamela Anderson ended in divorce in 2006.
For animal rights advocates, the main priority is the rights of individual sentient animals and supporters are essentially in opposition to sacrificing any animal to advance the greater good.
In his introductory chapter--an overview of the philosophical arguments relevant to animal rights--Regan insists that a Christian perspective of animal rights be classified either as despotism or stewardship.
Fifteen animal rights friends came along to give me support and everyone was thrilled about the recognition that animal rights has received.
John and nine fellow members were dressed in full regalia as around 25 animal rights protesters tried to block their way across Millennium Bridge.
SIR - I must disagree with Lorraine Parker's views on animal rights (Western Mail, letters, May 20).
The decision to build the new elephant enclosure comes after more than a year of scrutiny by animal rights activists, who claimed the zoo's original plan for a two-acre preserve was too small.
A RESIDENT who led a campaign to help protect his Midlands community against animal rights extremists today pleaded to grave robbers to return Gladys Hammond's remains to her family.
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