animated GIF

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Animated GIF

(graphics, file format)
(GIF89a) A variant of the GIF image format, often used on World-Wide Web pages to provide moving icons and banners.

The GIF89a format supports multiple "frames" that give the impression of motion when displayed in sequence, much like a flip book. The animation may repeat continuously or play once.

Animated GIFs aren't supported by earlier web browsers, however the first frame of the image is still shown.

There are many utilities to create animated GIFs from a sequence of individual GIF files. There are also utilities that will produce animated GIFs automatically from a piece of text or a single image.

One problem with this format is the size of the files produced, as they are by definition a sequence of individual images. Apart from minimising the number of frames, the best way to decrease file size is to assist the LZW compression by using blocks of solid colour, avoid dithering, and use fewer colours. If areas of an image don't change from one frame to another, they don't need to be redrawn so make the area a transparent block in the second frame.

animated GIF

A moving picture in GIF format, which comprises a series of frames. When displayed, they provide an animated sequence that cycles over and over without stopping. Although popular on the Web, animated GIFs are larger than single-frame GIFs and take longer to download. Typically used for ad banners, the animation is usually confined to small areas of the image to keep the file size short.

Flash, Then HTML5
More sophisticated than animated GIFs, Adobe's Flash was popular on the Web for many years for animations of all kind. In addition, Flash's vector format takes up much less space than GIF's bitmapped images (see graphics). Today, however, Flash is slowly becoming history as HTML5 has built-in support for animations and videos. See GIF, Flash, HTML5 and WebP.

GIF Animator
Ulead's GIF Animator was used to compose this animation. First created in an image editor, the five frames were inserted in sequence into the program, and frames 1 through 4 were given a 1/4 second delay.

GIF Animator
Ulead's GIF Animator was used to compose this animation. First created in an image editor, the five frames were inserted in sequence into the program, and frames 1 through 4 were given a 1/4 second delay.
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Currently, PS4 users can only create animated GIFs on the device using existing Sharefactory software.
In one campaign, where the audience was a hip, young crowd, our client sent a single animated GIF image, which linked to a URI geared to increase subscriptions.
When you open an already animated gif file in Gif Construction Set you can see the script "blocks" that make up an animated gif (screen figure 1): the header block, loop block, control block, image block and optional comment and application blocks.
According to The Verge, if a user uploads a photo containing something that sparkles, like a Christmas tree or chandelier, Google+ will automatically make those light sources sparkle by converting the image into an animated GIF.
According to Postini, "Hackers now use techniques such as re-arranging as many as 25 tiny images into a message in an HTML email or using animated GIF attachments to bypass optical character recognition technology in an effort to bypass email security systems.
Corel Presentations 10 now offers support for Macromedia Flash, MP3 and WMA sounds, and animated GIF images.
A popular type is the animated GIF, where you can create multiple images, each with subtle differences, then use a program like Ulead GIF Animator (www.
The explosion of multimedia features - real audio, shockwave, downloadable video clips, animated GIF files - on the graphic-intensive World Wide Web is responsible not only for the numerous traffic jams plaguing the superhighway this year but also for the rapid ascendancy of the Internet itself.
The animated GIF (and resulting composite image) displayed on the site is comprised of known Anonymous members, core LulzSec members, the PayPal 14, legendary hackers such as Gary McKinnon and Kevin Mitnick, in addition to several notable women hackers.
Ideal for photo snapping and sharing, the Galaxy A3 and A5 are equipped with an advanced 5MP front-facing camera and innovative photo-taking features such as Wide Selfie, Palm Selfie, Animated GIF, Beauty Face Features, and Rear-cam Selfie, so you can capture the perfect selfie in high resolution.