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5 mL of deoxygenated anisole as internal standard to the reactor and then increasing the reaction temperature to 110[degrees]C.
Butylated hydroxyl anisole has been widely reported to be an active synthetic antioxidant [3, 4, 9, 27].
Anisole, or methoxybenzene, was the only MVOC observed exclusively in S.
reagent grade); and anisole (anhydrous) were purchased from Aldrich and used as received.
However, in the presence of a cyclodextrin with six glucose members in its ring, an anisole molecule settles head first into the cyclodextrin's cavity.
Benzaldehyde (BZD), anisole (ANI), and toluene (TOL) solvents were obtained from Merck India Ltd.
4%), o-methyl anisole, apinene, sclarene and n-octanol among the major components of the volatile oil of the oleo-gum-resin produced by Boswellia carteri Birdwood.
1g of butylated hydroxyl anisole (BHA) heated to 95[degrees]C [9] before being placed in the oven for drying (PB).
The results showed that all the parts extracts exhibited antioxidative activity comparable to standard Butyl Hydroxy Anisole (BHA).
Therefore, this study was an endeavour towards the improvement of chilled buffalo semen by using Butylated hydroxy anisole (BHA), Butylated hydroxy toluene (BHT), PTX, TPY and TBR as sperm motility promoting factors.
In a study of flavourings including aliphatic, alicyclic and aromatic ethers (plus anisole derivatives), EFSA's scientific panel on food additives, flavourings, processing aids and materials in contact with food criticised Maximised Survey-derived Daily Intakes (MSDIs) methods, looking at average consumption of a flavouring.