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In sy doktorale proefskrif het Anker (2007) ondersoek ingestel na die nomadiese karakter in onder andere Alexander Strachan se Die werfbobbejaan (1994), deur die roman te lees volgens die Franse denkers Deleuze en Guattari se besinnings oor subjektiwiteit en die wordende-dier.
Like all Anker power products, the Ingress customized batteries will come equipped with PowerIQ technology to ensure the fastest possible charge, and it will be backed by the Anker's industry-leading 18-month warranty.
Since 1974, Anker, Reed, Hymes, Schreiber, and Cohen, A Law Corporation is a full service business, real estate, employment, civil litigation and estate planning law firm.
Moreover, Jennifer Lowe-Anker lost her first husband Alex Lowe to an avalanche in October 1999 and she subsequently married Conrad Anker who adopted his friend's three children.
Since then Anker has been obsessed with proving that Mallory could have made it to the summit and therefore was the first man to stand at the top of the world.
Anker, professor in the Center for Cardiovascular Research at Charite University in Berlin.
For more information, call the Anker Cafe at (360) 318-7515.
Anker discovered Mallory's frozen body in 1999 during a similar expedition which also recovered hand-written letters, goggles, an altimeter, a pocket-knife and a piece of rope.
The climbers, led by American Conrad Anker, are trying to retrace the steps of Brit George Mallory who died close to the summit in 1924.
Anker goes on to interview and film the musicians individually and in groups where they share thoughts about music and philosophies about performing that even their fellow orchestra members may not have known.
Grandy Oats has been making granola in a 100-year-old former dairy barn since 1979, and owners Aaron Anker and Nat Peirce (two University of New Hampshire graduates, both of whom drove VW vans in college) proudly proclaim, "In 2004, we estimate that we used 100 acres of organic oats--grown on land that was not poisoned with chemical fertilizers or pesticides, near rivers and wildlife areas that did not absorb chemicals and by farmers who did not have to handle chemicals.
KHS Anker has developed a new hot melt labelling method designed especially for labels with a height to length ratio exceeding approx.