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annex, annexe

A subsidiary structure near or adjoining a larger principal building.
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An early peace might thwart months of annexationist activity.
In addition, some Northern Democrats were angered by the role that annexationists had played in denying the party's presidential nomination to Martin Van Buren.
60) The Patrons of Industry: From the Speech of Oliver Mowat Delivered in North Bruce (North Bruce 1893), 10; The Patrons: An Answer to the Annexationist, 8; Canada Farmers' Sun (Toronto), 23 May 1894 and 10 August 1894; AO, PC, MU 2087 #8, 11 April.
The onus will be on those who assert that Israel has annexationist intentions to prove what they assert, and the evidence concerning the West Bank is simply deficient.
Such racial and cultural vilifications seemed to justify American annexationist ambitions toward Mexican California.
Besides John Platt, the two other pro-amalgamation candidates for reeve were John Chapman and long-time annexationist D.
Israel continued its annexationist policies in Jerusalem and settlements and deportations in violation of relevant UN resolutions and in total contempt of the international community.
The US made annexationist noises--annexation would have made an attack on Hawaii an attack on the US--and ultimately Hawaii paid an indemnity and the situation cooled.
It is thus no surprise that this legislation has been slammed as anti-democratic, discriminatory, annexationist and unconstitutional.
In simple terms, it is an annexationist policy that cannot be implemented without the destruction of the Cuban nation.