annual ring

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annual ring

[′an·yə·wəl ′riŋ]
A line appearing on tree cross sections marking the end of a growing season and showing the volume of wood added during the year. Also known as annual growth ring.

annual ring, growth ring

A layer of wood produced during one year of a tree’s growth.
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Subsequently, the presence of a band of parenchyma cell rows at the border of the annual ring (apotraceal terminal) is strongly enhanced during early stages of brown rot ,this results accordance with Deflorio [5] work in wood decay fungi application in enhance annual ring detection.
The annual rings of otoliths of younger age groups are better readable than in older fish (ages 7 years and more).
5E), indicating that the gradual decrease in spacing of circuli which forms the annual ring begins as early as the late summer of the first ocean year.
Several specimens were taken from each board (Sivertsen and Vestol 2010); one 20-cm specimen was used for assessing density and annual ring width, and one 7-cm specimen was used for the water absorption test.
Ageing of adult snapper (Pagrus Auratus), from otolith annual ring counts: validation by tagging and oxytetacycline injection.
Other studies of sea scallops from Nova Scotia have also indicated 1 annual ring is formed during the temperature minimum (Stevenson & Dickie 1954, Roddick et al.
For a more accurate determination of change in stress wave velocity with age, the disk from the 27-year-old tree was initially tested on the third annual ring and subsequently tested at an interval of every second annual ring.
Military Academy's 6th annual Ring Melting Ceremony at Rhode Island refinery Pease & Curren.
The last annual ring was formed in AD 834, which means that the wood samples came from trees felled in the summer of AD 834.
In calculating the sawn board volume, the net width of the sawn board is taken into account, which is dependent on annual ring orientation on the crosscut of the sawn board according to Equations 13 to 15.
Moreover, 1-mm zebra mussels that settle at the end of the growing season do not produce a first annual ring.

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