annual ring

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annual ring

[′an·yə·wəl ′riŋ]
A line appearing on tree cross sections marking the end of a growing season and showing the volume of wood added during the year. Also known as annual growth ring.

annual ring, growth ring

A layer of wood produced during one year of a tree’s growth.
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Therefore, models that are able to predict the relationship between annual ring width patterns and knot characteristics within trees and/or other important wood quality attributes could be used together with growth and yield models to predict quality from information about growing conditions, like site index, spacing, and silvicultural regime.
Subsequently, the presence of a band of parenchyma cell rows at the border of the annual ring (apotraceal terminal) is strongly enhanced during early stages of brown rot ,this results accordance with Deflorio [5] work in wood decay fungi application in enhance annual ring detection.
The annual rings of otoliths of younger age groups are better readable than in older fish (ages 7 years and more).
In temperate regions, such activity usually occurs only once during the growing season each calendar year, and thus these are termed annual rings, as seen in Figure 8-2.
5E), indicating that the gradual decrease in spacing of circuli which forms the annual ring begins as early as the late summer of the first ocean year.
Annual values were obtained by means of Leavitt and Danzer's (1993) method of separating the earlywood portion of the annual ring, homogenizing it, extracting the holocellulose, and combusting it.
2014) showed that log end faces can be differentiated by their annual ring pattern using Gabor filters.
The annual Ring of Fire Christmas Fund delivers gifts to children under the age of 13 in the two communities with whom the company works the closest on its Eagle's Nest and Blackbird nickel and chromite projects.
Over the course of a tree's life, the width of each annual ring decreases.
An alternative to mark-recapture is marginal increment analysis in which the distance from the growth ring to the edge of the otolith, for a sample of fish, is tracked over time (Campana, 2001) and a sharp drop in this marginal increment, once a year, is taken as an indication of annual ring formation.
This suggests that spruce growing under this alder canopy are affected by competition for light and that the time of release from this competition is recorded by a sustained increase in annual ring width.

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