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The projects will flaunt the sophisticated Siemens SGT5-4000F GT with annular combustion chamber and an augmented turbine inlet temperature.
The combustion chamber of the aviation gas turbine, along with the injection system, initially designed for kerosene, were geometrically adjusted, the annular combustion chamber, well known, was next divided in eight identical slices, corresponding to the injectors number, for reducing the necessary time and calculating resources.
A comparison of the temperature and pressure field obtained by the Adiabatic Chemical Equflibrium and the Generalized Finite Rate models, to simulate a twin-spool gas turbine's annular combustion chamber, is presented in this paper.
The engine is actually an extremely modular 36 MW unit with a high efficiency power turbine and gas generator that exploit advances in blade cooling concepts (this helps achieve 42 per cent thermal efficiency), and an annular combustion chamber configured to reduce emissions.