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(1) Nameless. See anonymous post and anonymous Web surfing.

(2) (Anonymous) A loose, underground hacker community that attempts to bring down or damage websites of organizations and government agencies that are not socially responsible. Advocating freedom, fairness and justice, Anonymous became known to the public in a 2007 Los Angeles TV report and has since claimed responsibility for numerous break-ins. In 2010, it hacked PayPal, MasterCard and Visa for no longer accepting donations to WikiLeaks after the site disclosed U.S. military documents. See WikiLeaks.

The Guy Fawkes Mask
Anonymous adopted a mask created to honor Guy Fawkes as a symbol of rebellion in the 2005 movie "V for Vendetta." Fawkes was in charge of the gunpowder in a failed 1605 plot to blow up Parliament and restore a Catholic monarchy to England. About to be hanged to near death and then disemboweled, Fawkes jumped from the gallows and did himself in. In 1606, Parliament turned the foiled Gunpowder Plot into a national holiday.

Anonymous "Reconnect" Rally
In Amsterdam in 2008, Anonymous objected to Scientology ordering its members to "disconnect" with anyone not supportive of their beliefs. (Image courtesy of photographer John Melskens.)
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The law currently states that people who allege they are victims of sexual offences, including rape, are entitled to life-long anonymity.
Mum-of-one Erin wrote to Nicola Sturgeon asking her to BR BRAV AV A E Mum of-one Erin chose to waive right to anonymity to waive right to anonymity to highlight scandal of early release deliver on the SNP's pledge and end the automatic early release of violent prisoners.
Foxwordy is pioneering the trend of anonymous social networking with our highly sophisticated anonymity feature that liberates lawyers to finally have 'off-the-record' conversations with their colleagues.
The study points to the long history of anonymity in journalism and its value as a way to air unpopular opinions, referencing Mrs.
Online, under the cloak of anonymity, people are more likely to behave in ways that they ordinarily would not if their identity was intact.
Online anonymity has been the internet's great sacred cow.
Someone has got to do something about an anonymity law," he said.
The court also denied the whistleblower's motion to seal the case record, saying anonymity should afford sufficient protection.
However, his counsel Hugh Tomlinson QC has now told Justice Tugendhat that Giggs is willing to remove the anonymity.
Anonymity and learning in digitally mediated communications; authenticity and trust in cyber education.
ROY, James (text) Phoebe Leonard (narr) Anonymity Jones Louis Braille Audio, 2010 3xCD's 3 hrs 45 mins $44.
After a Boston editor received complaints about the potential abuse of anonymity in the reader comments he published, he announced that he would collect the writers' real names and make them public if need be.