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Associated anomalies in a discoid medial meniscus are not uncommon; they include an anomalous insertion of the anterior horn of the medial meniscus into the anterior cruciate ligament (as previously described), meniscal cyst, (26) discoid lateral meniscus in the same knee (Figure 9), (25) and pathologic medial patella plica.
The assertion that WNV infection involves anterior horn cells and causes a polio-type syndrome has a pathologic basis.
No known infectious process limited to motor axons has been associated with the asymmetric paralysis seen in these patients, so the researchers concluded that the clinical features can be explained only by disease of the anterior horn cells.
When a peripheral nerve is stimulated, an F-wave is produced with action potentials travelling both toward the periphery--forming the compound muscle action potential (CMAP)--and towards the spinal cord and anterior horn cell.
Electromyography/nerve conduction studies performed on 14 patients with poliomyelitislike syndrome suggested a motor axonopathy and/or an anterior horn cell process.
Patients presented with fever, meningitis, and acute flaccid paralysis notable for its lack of pain and asymmetry Pleocytosis was detected in cerebrospinal fluid, and the site of pathology was traced to anterior horn cells of the spinal cord.
It is best used for anterior horn tears, especially of the lateral meniscus.
A BHT is a longitudinal tear of the medial or lateral knee meniscus that extends from the posterior horn toward the anterior horn.
Weakness or paralysis associated with West Nile infection apparently occurs when the virus destroys motor neurons in the anterior horn of the spinal cord.
We report a case of West Nile poliomyelitis with preserved deep-tendon reflexes, diminished sensory nerve action potentials, and pathologic findings which do not localize to the anterior horn.
Imaging studies show the virus attacking at the anterior horns of the spinal cord; nerve conduction studies show a motor axonopathy, but without much demyelination.

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