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a collection of literary passages or works, esp poems, by various authors



a collection containing verses or various sayings and fragments by many authors. Anthologies have existed in the East and Greece since ancient times. They were widespread in Old Russian literature (izborniki) and in the literature of the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries. Anthologies published at the beginning of the 20th century include Russian Muse (1907), by P. Ia. (P. F. Iakubovich), and Armenian Poetry from the Earliest Times to the Present Translated by Russian Poets, edited by V. Ia. Briusov (1916). In Soviet times a number of anthologies have been published containing poetry of the peoples of the USSR in Russian translation.

Anthology verses—a term dating from the first half of the 19th century—are verses written in the manner of ancient poetry. Examples are K. N. Batiushkov’s “To an Aged Beauty,” A. S. Pushkin’s “Nereid,” and later some poems by N. F. Shcherbina and A. N. Maikov.

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In 1924 the notoriously conservative anthologist W.
27) Clubb states: "Our anthologists make considerable room for lyric poets not only of less-than-great stature [.
Price reminds us that the anthologist has always been the critic's double: "[E]xtracts underwrite the discipline of literary criticism as we know it" (2).
Anthologists, editors, biographers and critics have tended to praise what was decorative, diminutive, regional, apolitical in her work, and to condemn her innovations as technical failures.
Which writers to leave in and which to take out is the bugbear of every anthologist.
Whether he is operating as archive spelunker, cultural historian, literary anthologist, or astute critic of both literature and the and the state of its criticism, George Elliott Clarke writes with both flamboyance and precision, boldness and deep knowledge - no doubt because he is as much a poet/ novelist/ librettist as he is a scholar.
His contributions were many and varied--poet, short-story writer, novelist, autobiographer, publisher (he and Philip McDermott founded Poolbeg Press in 1976), translator, anthologist, literary editor of a national daily, dramatist (a stage adaptation of his translation of The Midnight Court, co-written with Sean McCann, had a healthy run at the Gate in the summer of 1968).
Doctorow *** 18 The Year of the Flood | Margaret Atwood *** 18 South of Broad | Pat Conroy *** 17 The Girl Who Played with Fire | Stieg Larsson *** 15 Love and Summer | William Trevor *** 14 Strength in What Remains | Tracy Kidder *** 13 The Anthologist | Nicholson Baker *** 11 Juliet, Naked | Nick Hornby *** 11 The Magicians | Lev Grossman ***
The poet, anthologist, diplomat, and critic Juan Gustavo Cobo Borda's insider story of modern Colombian poetry weaves a discourse around a historical framework of events and sociological data to examine the intimate public histories of groups and individuals, using anecdotes, analyses, and poems.
The Anthologist | NICHOLSON BAKER: Readers can always count on Baker to have a unique premise for his novels, whether it's a book-length phone sex conversation in Vox (1992) or the story of a socially inept man who can stop time in The Fermata (1994).
Part personal narrative, part historiography, novelist, editor and anthologist Pascoe's account of times and places in the Australian experience defies the efforts of colonials to synthesize identity, memory and community.
Michael Schmidt's name as poet, translator, anthologist, and scholar is not as familiar in the United States as it is in Britain, where he heads up Carcanet Press, PN Review, and the graduate creative writing program at Glasgow University.