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There are two parts of data analyses: first, from the subjective rating of 45 participants and second, the comparisons of car dimensions with anthropometry data of the 1216 participants.
National health and nutrition examination survey anthropometry procedures manual.
Reliability of external ear measurements obtained by direct, photocopier scanning and photo anthropometry.
1990) claimed that this geometric model can estimate the BSIPs of groups not necessarily matching the anthropometry of the cohort used to derive the equations.
Physical Status: The Use and Interpretation of Anthropometry.
Other chapters contain similar summaries by the Army's established experts: COL (Ret) Wayne Askew discusses the area of field nutrition research which provided the scientific basis for modern field feeding concepts and rations, such as the First Strike Ration; Dr Jim Stuhmiller presents blast model research that helps acquisition managers evaluate safety concerns for current and future high-powered weapons systems; MAJ (Ret) Joe Knapik describes load carriage research that has led to the current designs of load handling systems including rucksacks that accommodate gender differences in anthropometry and strength; and Dr Bill Santee discusses thermal strain modeling that provides modern tools to prevent heat injury and maximize Soldier effectiveness in the heat.
Relationship between Anthropometry and Motor Abilities at pre-School Age.
We had low coverage of anthropometry measurements in the first year but, with time, more field workers were employed and trained and the coverage improved.
Anthropometry or the measurement of body's dimensions is a subcategory of physical anthropology and it is related to the different parts of body's dimensions, body's movements and the strength of muscles [13].
Resected femoral anthropometry for design of the femoral component of the total knee prosthesis in a Korean population, Anat Cell Biol.
The anthropometry evaluates the characteristics by the objective tools, and is expressed by length measures, circumferences, arches, axes, weight, etc.