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see foldfold,
in geology, bent or deformed arrangement of stratified rocks. These rocks may be of sedimentary or volcanic origin. Although stratified rocks are normally deposited on the earth's surface in horizontal layers (see stratification), they are often found inclined or curved
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a fold of stratified rocks which is convex upward. The bending point of the strata is called the anticlinal hinge. The surface connecting the bendings of all the strata composing the anticline is called the axial surface, and the sides of the anticline are called limbs. Depending on the position of the axial surface and the direction of the incline of the limbs, an anticline may be vertical, inclined, overturned, or recumbent. According to the configuration, it is possible to distinguish a linear anticline in which the lengtn is significantly greater than the width, a brachyanticline in which the length is somewhat greater than the width, and a dome in which the length and width are approximately equal.


A fold in which layered strata are inclined down and away from the axes.


a formation of stratified rock raised up, by folding, into a broad arch so that the strata slope down on both sides from a common crest
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From north to south along the section line the Marwat Anticline depicts high side anticlinal closure geometry related to a major ramp from basal decollement (Fig.
Kotrum and Drigri anticlinal structures lie in south of Safed Koh trend and Sakhi Sarwar anticline.
Ahmad Ali Sayab Ahmad and Hamidullah 1999) discussed the detailed structural account of Chichali Pass area and interpreted that the topographic expression of the range is attributed to a south verging anticline namely the Surghar Anticline that is detached at the base of Jurassic sequence.
Another small-scale fault is mapped within the south- western closure of Domanda Anticline along which Habib Rahi Limestone is thrust over the Domanda Shale in the west.
Structurally the Lakhra anticline is a part of long doubly plunging anticline, which runs North-South direction and starts from Survey of Pakistan (SOP) toposheet nos.
The stratigraphy of the study area is summarized in the explanation of figure 2, which shows the geological map of the Punta Negra Anticline in the Rio San Juan sector.
The approach used here creates a map of the porosity of the Duperow Formation along the nose of the Billings Anticline and the southern part of the Nesson Anticline.
The M1 is characterised by mineralisation in an anticline structure (Central Lode) bounded by planar shears.
Individual folds interact with drainage systems, typified by the Sardar Abad anticline.
We now control approximately 93,000 net acres east of the Nesson Anticline in Mountrail County and the surrounding area, which assuming 320 acre spacing provides us with the potential to drill approximately 290 net wells.
The Northern portion of the Pinedale Anticline is productive in both the Lance and the Mesa-Verde and is therefore prospective on NXT's acreage and Antelope Tail while nonproductive in the Lance remains prospective in the MesaVerde Formation (Fm).
These Desmoinesian shales and limestones gene rally dip away from the valley center, creating a valley anticline beneath the unconformity.