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A three-nucleotide sequence in transfer RNA that complements the codon in messenger RNA.



part of the transfer ribonucleic acid or tRNA (in Russian, transport RNA or t-RNA), consisting of three unpaired (free bond) nucleotides. This section is specifically paired with the codon of messenger RNA or mRNA (in Russian, information RNA or i-RNA), which assures the proper arrangement of each amino acid during protein synthesis.

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The primary features of the sheep mitogenome, including gene structure, gene arrangement, initiation codon, termination codon, and anticodon, were described and compared among the 3 types of sheep.
Crick gave flexible rules for pairing the third base of the codon with the first base of the anticodon, to the extent that a single tRNA type would be able to recognize up to three codons.
However, Meyer either avoids, or is simply unaware of, a significant amount of research in this area that has demonstrated chemical interactions between amino acids and their cognate anticodons or codons.