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Though NOACs show better safety and efficacy profiles, the acceptability of these drugs is low due to the unavailability of antidotes in the market.
Just like an antidote tailored for a specific poison, the antidote for the poison in our lives can take many forms.
This means that treatment with these antidotes during general anesthesia might in fact be detrimental and can worsen hemodynamic (blood flow) function in cats," Dr.
Halperin says the data--published less than halfway into the study--are important and promising, because some doctors have been hesitant to prescribe NOACs without antidotes available.
A spokesman said: "This is vital research used to develop antidotes which save the lives of both troops and civilians.
BAHA: ARAB NEWSNasser Al-Ghamdi, a Saudi citizen in his 40's, was recently transferred to a local hospital after being bitten by a black widow spider only to find that the hospital did not have the antidote needed to counteract the venom.
By identifying the specific host genes required for these toxins to attack the cell's protein 'factories', this study effectively singled out the attractive therapeutic targets from the entire human genome for developing antidotes that could potentially be effective against any toxins that share the same mode of action.
Inadequate hospital stocking and the unavailability of essential antidotes is a worldwide problem and prove to be potentially disastrous for patients.
With no checking mechanisms in place in the north they say it is near impossible to know what kind of poisons are being illegally brought over, making it even less possible to find an antidote.
He said: "We don't feel that Antidotes was insurmountable by any means.
The nerve agent antidotes are provided under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Chempack program in collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration and Department of Defense.