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Neem leaf glycoprotein enhances carcinoembryonic antigen presentation of dendritic cells to T and B cells for induction of antitumor immunity by allowing generation of immune effector / memory response.
Planned research will determine the specificity of systemic and tissue-specific antibodies produced after allergen challenge, as well as the capacity for pro-allergy cytokine production and antigen presentation by B cells.
Key words: alloreactive CTLs, antigen presentation, cell-mediated immunity, cytotoxic T lymphocyte, propanil.
The viruses with truncated NS1 are highly immunogenic because interferon acts as an adjuvant by enhancing the production of immunoglobulins and contributing to the activation of dendritic cells required for antigen presentation.
understanding the mechanisms of DNA uptake and antigen presentation and
By preserving the authentic conformation of the viral capsid, VLPs mimic the antigen presentation of the live virus while lacking the ability to reproduce or cause illness.
To better understand promiscuity in antigen presentation we compared the susceptibility to Yersiniapestis of three different strains of mice: HLA-DQ8ab transgenic (tg) Ab0 mice, B10.
The discovery of this technology is based in the understanding and use of a basic biological mechanism regulating antigen presentation to the immune system.
Pattern-specific tissue expression could provide the platform for further investigations on overall brain vascular biology as it pertains to conditions such as angiogenesis, cell adhesion, antigen presentation, metastasis, cell-cell communication and local inflammation.
Lipid-lowering medications might inhibit rapidly growing cells or altered cholesterol levels may affect receptor activation or antigen presentation, Dr.
Mediastinal lymph nodes, the draining lymph nodes of the lungs, are considered the site where antigen presentation to T cells initially occurs before clonal expansion.