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falciparum is the var gene family which encodes PfEMP1, a protein that is exported to the 'knob like' binding structures on the surface of infected erythrocytes with a key role in antigenic variation and cytoadherence (12).
To explore whether these antigenic variations can be translated into protection efficacy difference in vivo, we selected A/chicken/northern China/k0602/2010 (k0602) and A/chicken/Shandong/k0603/2010 (k0603) viruses to evaluate the bivalent inactivated reassortant H5N1/PR8 vaccine Re-4/Re-5 (the HA and NA genes of Re-4 are from a clade 7 virus A/chicken/Shanxi/2/2006).
Antigenic divergence suggested by correlation between antigenic variation and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis profiles of Bordetella pertussis isolates in Japan.
However, these cases might be caused by antigenic variation of P.
A/canine/Jacksonville/2005 has potentially significant antigenic variation from the other canine isolates, which may be partially related to the proline substitution at position 107.
He then moves on to more recent discoveries regarding immunity, antigenic variation, and the role of variable surface glycoproteins.
Similar stable phylogenetic relationships were observed in TBE virus strains of other subtypes, which indicates that the virus is remarkably stable and not subject to major antigenic variation (13,14).
The fever peaks are associated with high spirochetemias, and antigenic variation leads to new antigenic variants of a major surface protein and the recurrence of high numbers of borreliae in the blood (7-10).
Antigenic variation among newly isolated strains of parainfluenza type 4 virus.
Demonstration of antigenic variation among rabies virus isolates by using monoclonal antibodies to nucleocapsid proteins.
Several mechanisms facilitate this persistence, including antigenic variation, binding of factor H, and rosetting of erythrocytes (25-27).