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As a result of this antinaturalism, Catholics replaced the "centers of interest" of the 1936 curriculum by heemkunde, an educational concept derived from German Heimatkunde (see Horn & Link 2011).
Therefore, pragmatists trying to appropriate insights from phenomenology encounter a dilemma: either reject naturalism and thereby pragmatism, or reject antinaturalism and thereby phenomenology.
In Untitled (Five Flavors), 2010, geometry's presumed antinaturalism betrays itself: Two halves of the composition, one scored with vertical black lines and the other with rainbow striae, appear to fold into a central zip that comes to stand in for an upright body, now coterminous with the field of vision.
Pratt approaches the poem quite differently, suggesting that it is a "masterpiece of artifice": "In language and form the poem is an anguished exercise in antinaturalism defiantly enjoying its own tortuous life" (Linda Kay Pratt, "Poetic Style and the Linguistic Controversy of 1875," in Allsopp and Downes, p.
The history of Western theatre reflects the history of Western society Antinaturalism was an attack on rationalism and the Enlightenment.
Jameson's project is to consider how the curious cohabitations of these terms exchange and permanence, variety and homogeneity, naturalism and antinaturalism, and Utopianism and anti-utopianism) point toward "an unrepresentable exterior to many of the issues that seem crucial in contemporary .
The same peculiar antinaturalism shows up in the final essay, whose title the collection borrows.