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If you've got your checkbook and toothbrush, let fly with your antipodal invective, secure in the knowledge that you're equipped with the proper tools to handle the contempt citation that's likely to come your way.
There is no sign of any progress (typical of Hegelian-influenced romantic tradition) in these successive contrary turns in the narrator's report; there is only a repetitive process (typical of the pathos of literary naturalism) in which humans exhibit an ever-unfulfilled yearning for self-meaning in an inscrutable world of indifferent antipodal forces.
Wavestream charged that CAP's coaxial antipodal finline spatial combining technology, which is a key element of its Spatium[TM] product line of power amplifiers, infringed two patents licensed to Wavestream from the University of California.
In particular, few scholars have considered the relationship between word and image in the depiction of antipodal space.
The rearranging and developing of some of Hutcheson's primitive notions change the normative and metaethical structure of his own theory, leading him in the antipodal direction.
The Guinness book of world record rules require competitors to travel at least 18,000 miles by land and 8,000 by sea or air, via two antipodal points.
2n,k] denote the number of non-crossing connected graphs with 2n vertices and k pairs of antipodal edges, where a diameter counts as one pair.
In [2], the authors introduced the notion antipodal digraph of a digraph as follows: For a digraph D = (V, A), the antipodal digraph [?
Almost a century later, another Westerner, Diane Solomon Kempler (albeit American, not British and a ceramist rather than a novelist) has returned from India with a mindset antipodal to that of the people in Forster's novel.
Antipodal to the somber first act, act 2 is a mirthful fable of misunderstanding between a deaf hobo and an old village woman.
These antipodal structures make profit of the inner pressure stiffening effect, or the balloon effect.
Given the story's virtually antipodal narrative impulses, I conclude that the text simultaneously expands the parameters of black male desire both psychosocially and sexually, while it reifies execrable dimensions of legitimized masculine praxis: most notably, its sanctioning of anti-gay violence as a marker of a culturally enshrined masculine ethos.