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Gregory XII agreed to resign the following year, succeeded by Pope Martin V (although some entities refused to recognize him and some antipopes continued to reign).
Fortunately, or unfortunately, the scandalous and horrifying absurdities of Ludwig's comic-opera coronations in Rome and his appointment of an antipope (12 May 1328) all took place years after Dante's death.
He was instrumental in the success of Pope Innocent II 's cause over the claims of the antipope, Cardinal Peter of Leon.
Included here are Baldassare Cossa (the antipope John XXIII) and the English cardinal Reginald Pole, who failed to get the requisite two-thirds majority because of French opposition.
Perhaps this saintliness is why Pepin's line produced Charlemagne, whose own sainthood, declared by Antipope Pascal III, remained a bone of contention for centuries.
Following the death of Pope Fabian, and during the Decian persecution, there was a 14-month gap (as well as an antipope named Novatian) before Cornelius was elected.
Filelfo alleges that Cosimo poisoned the antipope John XXIII (1360?
Their selection of letters spans more than two decades, when Aeneas rose from low-ranking administrator at the Council of Basel to secretary to the antipope Felix V to a position of confidence in the imperial chancery and, finally, to the bishoprics of Trieste and Siena.
8) Where then does our prolific writer the antipope Hippolytus come from?
2) The foundation bull for the University of Turin issued by the Avignonese antipope Benedict XIII on 27 November 1405 expressed the same sentiments in almost identical language.
The first antipope in history was a saint, Hippolytus (2217-235), who died in exile with the pope he had challenged, Pontian.
Since May, antipope activists have draped a black sheet on the Reims cathedral on the 22nd of every month to protest the pope's planned Sept.