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During endotoxin fever, AVP-V1 antagonists infused within the ventral septum block salicylate antipyresis but had no effect on the antipyretic action of acetaminophen (Wilkinson & Kasting, 1990).
AVP per fused into the brain of sheep caused antipyresis, and following subsequent perfusions, AVP levels wet increased and seizure activity was observed (Veal, Cooper, & Ruwe, 1984).
In view of the discovery that AVP levels are increased during antipyresis with indomethacin and not acetaminophen, it is possible that the use of acetaminophen may be more beneficial in febrile seizures than NSAIDs.
Antipyresis caused by stimulation of vasopressinergic neurons and intraseptal or systemic infusion of gamma-MSH, American Journal Physiology 266, R614-621.