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However, the superficial dog bite wounds need little care with antiseptic dressing and heal up fast, as recorded in animals of present study.
Post-operatively, the cat was given Dextrose saline 500ml bid daily for 3 days, Ceftriaxone 250 mg bid daily for 5 days, B-complex 1ml for 5 days, Meloxicam 1ml for 3 days, Phenramine maleate 1ml for 3 days and daily antiseptic dressing of surgical wound for 2 weeks till removal of skin sutures.
Antibiotic and analgesic treatment along with antiseptic dressing and foot bath helped in controlling infection and pain with gradual improvement within 5 days.
For the following 5 days, the subject was given Ceftriaxone 3 gms (Cefstan (b)), Meloxicam 15 ml bid (Melonex (c)) and daily drainage of the fluid was done along with the antiseptic dressing.
The leg was held in flexion and plaster of paris cast was applied and a window for the antiseptic dressing was left.
The wounds are traditionally bound in leaves and medicinal mud, but some schools now use antiseptic dressings.