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The search for acceptable alternatives to toxic chemical additives in alkyd paints, especially the antiskinning agents and the cobalt drier catalysts, has recently become a subject of intense industrial and academic interest.
Largely in Europe, Ascinin[R] AntiSkin antiskinning agents serve as methylethyl ketoxime alternatives and Borchers[R] Dry driers find use as replacements for cobalt-based products.
Accelerators, Adhesion Promoters, Antioxidants, Antiskinning agents, Fungicides, Coalescing agents, Diluents, Defoamer, Dispersants, Driers, Emulsifier, Fire retardants, Flow control agents, Gloss aids, Leveling agents, Marproofing agents, Pigments, Polymers, Resins, Slip agents, Thickeners, UV stabilizers, Viscosity control agents, Wetting agents, and many more
This implies that the system will either not need antiskinning agents or will need much less than cobalt-based systems.
Cytec Surface Specialties, which recently acquired the Surface Specialties business of UCB, provides a broad and deep portfolio of additives: pigment wetting and dispersing agents, flow and leveling agents, defoamers, adhesion promoters, catalysts, UV light stabilizers, preservation and curing additives, rheology modifiers, driers, antiskinning agents, antistatic agents, and antioxidants.
Prevaskin[TM]: New Antiskinning Agents for Alkyd Resins--Conor Dowling and Robert Ash, Atofina Chemicals, Inc.