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A relation R is antisymmetric if,

for all x and y, x R y and y R x => x == y.

I.e. no two different elements are mutually related.

Partial orders and total orders are antisymmetric. If R is also symmetric, i.e.

x R y => y R x


x R y => x == y

I.e. different elements are not related.
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infinity]]; this defines as the most-expanded and all-encompassing geometric-state, so the Outer half-parts of our Model Objects behave antisymmetric with regards to our Model Inners.
It is significant that the symmetric and antisymmetric components have different numerical factors.
Furthermore, if [phi] is symmetric, then all of the four functions can be chosen to be symmetric for even m and antisymmetric for odd m.
meta-mathematics), but our understanding of the ultimate object will not grow much if the object itself is not addressed at some point beyond the level of metaphor or analogy (consider, for instance, the case of tree-like phrase markers, which historically went from being models to being the actual object, otherwise, the Kaynean antisymmetric enterprise makes no sense).
antisymmetric, transitive) precisely when D is reflexive (resp.
Figure 15 shows the antisymmetric part of the velocity gradient tensor, the average rate of rotation around a vertical axis.
An abstract cells complex (ACC) C= (E,B, dim) is a set E of abstract elements (cells) with a binary bounding relationship B c ExE which is antisymmetric, irreflexive and transitive among its elements and a function dim E [right arrow] [Z.
Since the inclusion relation is antisymmetric, we obtain [X.
Prediction and measurement of nonpropagating Lamb modes at the free end of a plate when the fundamental antisymmetric mode is incident.
S] = [[+ or -]1,0,0,0] for injection (+) and suction (-)) and antisymmetric [H.

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