anytime algorithm

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anytime algorithm

An algorithm that returns a sequence of approximations to the correct answer such that each approximation is no worse than the previous one, i.e. the algorithm can be stopped at _any time_.

Newton-Raphson iteration applied to finding the square root of a number b is another example:

x = (x + b / x) / 2

Each new x is closer to the square root than the previous one.

Applications might include a real-time control system or a chess program that is allowed a fixed thinking time.
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Solutions suggested by MASDAT: for this example, we interrupted the anytime algorithm three times with 10 seconds regular intervals.
The MASDAT under consideration includes an anytime algorithm that proposes partial solution to dysfunction that became precise in time.
an automata (ATN) allows to model the stopping point of the anytime algorithm,
an anytime agent is an agent with an anytime algorithm and which will be able to:
The basic definition of an anytime algorithm is: "an anytime algorithm is an algorithm which allows, in exchange of a longer execution time, to give results of a better quality.
Key Word: decision-making, anytime algorithm, network transportation, disturbed urban transportation network.
This approach includes an anytime algorithm, which permits to access to solutions in real time.