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A place where bees are kept, especially for breeding and honey making.



the production unit of a bee farm. It consists of an apicultural farmstead, with beehives, apicultural structures (winter hive, honey house, apicultural workshop, collapsible portable huts, sheds for an observation hive and reserve hives, etc.), and various beekeeping equipment. Large bee farms and specialized commercial farms have several apiaries.

Apiaries are located near masses of melliferous plants in dry places that are protected from the wind by trees and shrubs. Apiaries may be permanent or mobile. Permanent apiaries are usually constructed in areas that have much melliferous vegetation and that are not easily accessible (mountainous and mountain-taiga regions). Mobile apiaries are used not only for nearby melliferous areas but are transported to distant tracts of melliferous blossoms for supplementary nectar gathering and for crop pollination.

Specialization in apiculture has determined the various commercial uses of apiaries. The most common specialization is the production of commercial honey. Such apiaries are usually located on lands that are rich in natural nectar bearers (in the USSR in the Urals, Siberia, and the Far East). The best of these apiaries yield 100–180 kg of honey per hive. Pollination apiaries are set up in regions with developed horticulture and seed culture of field and vegetable crops, for hothouse and cold-frame crops, and on fruit and berry farms for crop pollination both in the greenhouse and in the open field. Bee-rearing and queen-rearing apiaries are concerned with the propagation of bees and rearing of queens for sale to commercial honey, pollination, and multipurpose (combining the functions of the aforementioned types of apiaries) bee farms. Some multipurpose apiaries produce medicinal products, such as vitaminized and therapeutic honey, obtained by feeding the bees concentrated sugar syrup with the juices of fruits, vegetables, and medicinal herbs. They also sell propolis, bee toxin, royal jelly, and flower pollen. Experimental apiaries are set up to carry out research and to disseminate the achievements of apiculture and the most advanced techniques.

The largest apiaries in the world, numbering hundreds and thousands of bee colonies, are concentrated in the USSR, USA, Canada, and Australia. In the European countries (such as Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Federal Republic of Germany, German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovakia, and Poland), small hobbyist apiaries predominate.


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However, wasps appeared in large numbers on spread traps in the apiaries around the bee hives at about 1.
Many apiaries and beekeepers in the Magnolia State are sharing liquid gold.
It was customary for beekeepers to pray to Zosima and Savvaty before doing anything important in their apiaries, and some even held services amongst their hives at both the beginning and the end of the beekeeping year, on April 17 and September 27.
Adopt A Beehive's new North East beekeeper, Professor John Hobrough, in >one of two apiaries in Warkworth
Dead space in urban areas is used to establish apiaries, bringing life back to the city and contributing to the greening of urban areas.
All the apiaries in southwestern Nigeria have experienced a decline in the number of their honey bee colonies.
THE Bees have been buzzing this year - and despite setbacks from the weather, the 700-year-old Conwy honey fair is going ahead with the best of North Wales' Apiaries It dates back to the reign of King Edward 1st.
It has seen training delivered to 92 new beekeepers and the installation of five community apiaries at sites including Stewart Park, Saltersgill Community Allotment and Hemlington Hall Primary School.
The work provides a detailed discussion of important historical sites in Britain and the stables, apiaries, dairies, and fishing pavilions, often designed by leading architects of the times, that tell the tale of eras of extravagance, when design fantasies could be indulged for the benefit of the fauna.
The evaluation is done on an annually schedule in elite apiaries beginning with September- October, after establishing the colonies for wintering.
The eco-ministry had originally suggested a restriction of 7 kms for both organic farmland and beehive farms, until Peter Kurumbashev, a Coalition for Bulgaria MP, had suggested the distance from apiaries be increased to 10 kms.
Since organizing in 2006, Burgh Bees has established 14 hives, including four small demonstration apiaries in neighborhoods around the city and one at the Pittsburgh Zoo.