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These were people, many of whom would have never even hurt a fly, who left this world in great pain and in the midst of a great apocalypse.
And now, we who are left behind are talking about this apocalypse, trying to analyze it day and night.
At the heart of this resistance were three apocalyptic writings, Daniel, the Apocalypse of Weeks (found now in I Enoch 93:1-10 + 91: 11-17), and the Book of Dreams (found now in 1 Enoch 83-90).
What began as a discussion of structural Apocalypses rapidly morphs into a field where references to Apocalypse (George Eliot) or even apocalyptic imagery (Darwin) are grist to the mill.
Thus discussions of the reception of the Apocalypse that leave out Austin Farrer's ground-breaking Re-birth of Images or Christopher Burdon's Apocalypse In England: Revelation Unravelling, 1700-1834 leave questions about the thoroughness of Mills' research.
Unable to forgo all characterizations about apocalypses and their prophets, Weber restates implicitly a distinction Ernst Troeltsch made more than a half-century ago.
Even in his epoch, defined by its aggressive promotion of rationality and its disdain for miracle and providence, revelations and apocalypses flourished.
As but one gay- and AIDS-related example, she cites Tony Kushner, who "places himself within a long tradition of dissident apocalypses [with his millennial plays]: The script of ancient prophetic anti-imperialism echoes in contemporary denunciations of injustice" (p.
Most of the texts that appeared in earlier editions have been retained, but three texts from the collection of Nag Hammadi Coptic texts have been added: The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles, the Coptic Gnostic Apocalypse of Paul, and the Coptic Gnostic Apocalypse of Peter.
Apocalypse against empire; theologies of resistance in early Judaism.
These are low-budget movies with bad production values, but the filmmaker, Amando de Ossorio, really relishes showing you the apocalypse with a zest that borders of affection.
I myself have taught a course on "The Apocalypse of John Then and Now" each year since the early 1980s.