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Speculum historiale Etienne de Anecdotes historiques, Legendes et Bourbon, De apologues.
of "wisdom" literature, including fables, apologues, parables,
Ikegami's study contains `a comparative study of Middle English versions' which surveys the English versions and (as usefully) their apologues or parables, concluding inter alia that all of the shorter Middle English verse versions `were composed as independent works' (p.
The report describing this incident reads like a series of all-too-truthful apologues illustrating how detainees with mental illnesses slip through the cracks, wither, and die behind bars.
I am including the oral stories and fables and apologues of tribal societies and, indeed, of our own society.
Cowell, "On Certain Mediaeval Apologues," Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal 1 (1860): 10-17.
With such apologues Thackeray illustrates his arguments against an hereditary ruling class, which he puts forward in several places, notably in The Book of Snobs: