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in religion: see heresyheresy,
in religion, especially in Christianity, beliefs or views held by a member of a church that contradict its orthodoxy, or core doctrines. It is distinguished from apostasy, which is a complete abandonment of faith that makes the apostate a deserter, or former member.
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See also Sacrilege.
Aholah and Aholibah
symbolize Samaria’s and Jerusalem’s abandonment to idols. [O.T.: Ezekiel 23:4]
heretical sect; advocated Manichaean dualism. [Fr. Hist.: NCE, 53]
4th-century heretical sect; denied Christ’s divinity. [Christian Hist.: Brewer Note-Book, 43]
heretical group; always break eggs unlawfully at large end. [Br. Lit.: Gulliver’s Travels]
heretical Christian sect in 12th and 13th centuries; professed a neo-Manichaean dualism. [Christian Hist.: EB, II: 639]
Christian group in North Africa who broke with Catholicism (312). [Christian Hist.: EB, III: 618]
2nd- and 3rd-century Christian ascetic sect that retained a Jewish emphasis. [Christian Hist.: EB, III: 768]
doctrine declaring state is superior to the church in ecclesiastical affairs (1524–1543). [Christian Hist.: EB, III: 937]
Fires of Smithfield
Marian martyrs burnt at stake as heretics. [Br. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 1013]
heretical theological movement in Greco-Roman world of 2nd century. [Christian Hist.: EB, IV: 587]
Roman Catholic tribunal engaged in combating and suppressing heresy. [Christian Hist.: NCE, 1352]
unorthodox Roman Catholic movement of the 17th and 18th centuries led by Cornelius Jansen. [Christian Hist.: EB, V: 515]
Julian the Apostate
(331–363) Roman emperor, educated as a Christian but renounced Christianity when he became emperor. [Rom. Hist.: Benét, 533]
in late medieval England, a name given to followers of unorthodox philosopher John Wycliffe. [Christian Hist.: EB, VI: 306]
appellation of any heretic, Jew or non-Jew. [Judaism: Wigoder, 417]
heretical Christian sect who questioned the divine and human nature of Jesus. [Christian Hist.: EB, VI: 1003]
2nd-century heretical Christian movement led by prophet Montanus. [Christian Hist.: EB, VI: 1012]
3rd-century Christian heresy led by Sabellius. [Christian Hist.: EB, VIII: 747]
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Mariam Ibrahim who was sentenced to death over apostasy.
The conviction for apostasy remained on his record and when he tried to set up a company, he was refused permission on the basis of this criminal record.
A Yemeni blogger who used his personal Facebook account and the Al-Hiwar Al-Mutmadin website to post articles and research that question the teachings of the Quran could face the death penalty as prosecutors accuse him of apostasy.
Fundamentalists in Shariah4Pakistan accused Malala of apostasy - a capital crime under some interpretations of Sharia.
A large number of male and female bloggers from Saudi Arabia and abroad have called for Kashghari's trial on charges of apostasy.
Larson believes that the Catholic failure to embrace poverty of spirit has resulted in massive apostasy characterized by "the worship of non-being" (p.
Topics include the definitions of legitimacy and world order, representations of Murad III in the late sixteenth century, foreign legitimacy, religiosity, apostasy and Ottoman Islamic identity, orthodoxy in the Ottoman-Safavid conflict, and three papers on the crisis of Ottoman legitimacy in the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
The book presents a prophetic discourse that calls on its audience to turn to Yahweh before the threatened purge of apostasy that will take place on the Day of Yahweh.
AHEAD OF THE CURVE: That the neoconservative National Review or Heritage Foundation would grumble about Bush's conservative apostasy shows just how far to the left the administration has tilted--or how transparent that apostasy has become among the grass-roots conservatives the Establishment neoconservative network wants to lead astray.
You may call it presumptuous, embarrassing or arrogant, but short of repentance from this apostasy, there is nothing left to talk about.
They did it solely out of grievance and hatred -- hatred for the values cherished in the West as freedom, tolerance, prosperity, religious pluralism, and universal suffrage, but abhorred by religious fundamentalists (and not only Islamic fundamentalists) as licentiousness, corruption, greed and apostasy.
The wife of dissident Ayatullah Hassan Yusefi-Eshkevari appeals to Supreme Leader Ayatullah Khamen'i in an open letter after rumours said her husband has been convicted for apostasy and could get the death penalty.