apparent brightness

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That attribute of visual perception in accordance with which a surface appears to emit more light or less light. Now called luminance.
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By comparing the apparent brightness of Type 1a supernovae and pulsating Cepheid stars, the astronomers could measure accurately their intrinsic brightness and therefore calculate distances to Type Ia supernovae in far-flung galaxies.
By comparing this brightness with the star's apparent brightness in the sky, astronomers can determine the distance to the Cepheid's home galaxy.
Because these supernovas have roughly the same intrinsic luminosity, their apparent brightness indicates their distance from Earth.
By measuring the period of a Cepheid and its apparent brightness, astronomers can deduce the distance to the star and to the galaxy in which it resides.
By comparing the true brightness of MB1 to its apparent brightness in the sky, the researchers can, in theory, determine its distance.
Ford of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, have now used the apparent brightness of planetary nebulas to obtain a new estimate of the distance to galaxies in the Virgo cluster.