application framework

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application framework

(1) The building blocks of an application.

(2) A set of common software routines that provides a foundation structure for developing an application. Frameworks take the tedium out of writing all the program code for an application from scratch. Object-oriented application frameworks, which are the norm today, are structured as a class library.

Each class library has its way of doing things, and although the purpose of a framework is to eliminate a certain amount of programming drudgery, programmers must first learn the structure and peculiarities of the framework in order to use it. Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) is a widely used application framework for writing general-purpose Windows applications. Cocoa and Cocoa Touch are Mac and iOS frameworks, and Struts is a framework for Web-based Java applications.

Specialized Application Frameworks
There are also frameworks geared to specific purposes; for example, a framework for a content management system (CMS) would include the infrastructure for developing e-commerce, document maintenance and interactive user activities such as blogs and wikis (see content management system). See class library, MFC, Cocoa, Struts, AFC, JFC, OWL and enterprise framework.
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The Nucleus add-on for the Qt application framework improves the UI development workflow based on the tight integration of Mentor Embedded tools, such as memory footprint optimization, software performance analysis and debugging, and simplifying the Qt application framework configuration and build process.
Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd, a software services and solutions provider, announced that the Sasken Application Framework has been successfully integrated onto IT company Texas Instruments Inc (TI) (NYSE:TXN) OMAP-Vox platform.
today announced it plans to release an Application Framework to the open source community under Mozilla(R) Public License (MPL) v1.
The ALEOS Application Framework enables developers using AirLink[R] wireless gateways to integrate "intelligence on the edge" for more efficient, cost-effective deployment and operation of M2M solutions.
Bedrock represents the state-of-the-art in application framework technology.
The software application framework, developed under the codename "SmartScreens," is open and flexible in design to help bring out the best in a variety of services that a manufacturer or provider wants to provide on mobile products.
The Bedrock application framework is the solution that will provide software developers with access to new markets," said Grady Booch, chief
Symantec will provide the cross-platform application framework -- known as the Bedrock(TM) framework -- that it is currently using internally to develop applications for Apple Macintosh computers and Microsoft Windows.
ANTWERP, Belgium -- JBoss, a division of Red Hat (NYSE:RHT), today announced an update to its powerful, application framework for Web 2.
New Features Support Mule's Momentum in SOA Environments and in Tandem with Other Popular Open Source Application Frameworks
To be built on the SAP NetWeaver(R) platform using the Composite Application Framework, Wipro is among the first few global System Integration Companies to launch a composite application factory model.
today announced the release of the latest version of its Composite Application Framework, an enterprise platform built from the ground up on SOA principles.

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