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A website for downloading free and paid applications to smartphones, tablets and computers. Launched with the iPhone 3G in 2008, Apple's App Store popularized the concept of an online store for downloading applications. Following are the app stores in this encyclopedia:

    See  Google Play.

    See  Amazon Appstore.

    See  Samsung Galaxy Apps.


    See  Chrome Web Store.

 APPLE-----------------iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
    See  Apple App Store.

   Mac OS X
    See  Mac App Store.

    See  BlackBerry App World.

 WINDOWS----------------------------  Windows Tablet (Metro)
    See  Windows Store.

   Windows Phone
    See  Windows Phone Store.

App Stores Are Everywhere
Smart TVs have built-in apps, and third-party apps are available from the vendor's own online store.
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The interactive map will be available to users of devices running the Android operating system," Bayramov told Trend on January 15, noting that the primary version of the software is currently available in the application store Play Market.
MANILA, Philippines Technology giant Apple has removed mobile games that imitate the Philippine officials shooting down and catching criminals from its application store.
According to the company, from Q1 2015, it reported revenues include application store commissions, which may represent up to 30% of end user price.
Appian today announced that its powerful Mobile BPM platform is now available through the Department of Defense (DOD) Mobile Application Store (MAS).
today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind Mobile Application Store by Aircel.
Supported by Cubeware's marketing team, BISTRO offers the in-depth combination of a BI application store, a searchable BI knowledge center of best practices, a code/tool library and resource center, and a certified partner community and ecosystem.
Summary: Your smartphone's application store has a number of diet and health
The Samsung Application Store has started stocking Kaspersky Lab's solutions for both smartphones and tablets -- [.
Russian TV network RT announced on Thursday that free access to all of RT's TV programming will now be available to LG Smart TV owners through a new Smart TV App from LG's global application store LG apps TV.
EMS) has re-launched Ufone BlackBerry Application Store.
Sky-mobi Limited (Nasdaq:MOBI), a leading mobile application store and mobile social network community operator in China, has entered into a strategic agreement with SINA Corporation (Nasdaq:SINA), a leading online media company and mobile value-added service ("MVAS") provider for China and the global Chinese communities.
Etisalat" has partnered with Smartphone company "EMS" to develop a new Mobile Application Store for Blackberry customers.

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