application suite

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application suite

A group of programs that are sold as a package to solve common problems. Although there are suites for graphics and mathematics, the most popular are "office suites." Also known as "productivity suites," they are a set of basic business programs designed with a uniform user interface and common functions such as spell checking. The primary programs are word processing, spreadsheet and presentation graphics such as Microsoft's Word, Excel and PowerPoint and Apple's Pages, Numbers and KeyNote. All office suites are able to read Microsoft files but may be able to save documents only in their native formats.

Each version has its own mix of apps, and one or more utilities may also be included. The individual programs are often available as separate products. See Microsoft Office, iWork, WordPerfect Office, Lotus SmartSuite, StarOffice, Apache OpenOffice, G Suite, Zoho and graphics suite.

A Single Package
While no application suite may have the best program in each category, they have become very popular because trial versions are often pre-installed on new computers. In addition, a package of basic apps is appealing to many users. Microsoft Office is the most popular office suite and represents a large portion of the company's revenue. See also application stack.
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Details of its Application Suite G6 have been revealed by Plumtree Software (Nasdaq:PLUM), a provider of enterprise solutions for organisations to create portals, communities and composite applications.
The Citrix Voice Office Application Suite offers a package of IP telephony applications, including Visual Voicemail, Zone Paging, Express Directory, Broadcast Alerts and Click-to-call.
SKY MobileMedia is also part of TI's Application Suite Ecosystem, a select group of companies integrating software on TI's "LoCosto" and OMAP-Vox[TM] solutions to speed time to market of low-cost and mid-tier 2.
According to Muir, McLaren's Enterprise Engineer application suite will allow Petro-Canada to "manage engineering content, as well as the work processes that produce and use this content.
The Vertical*i Application Suite provides an application platform that captures projects, portfolio and partner information allowing companies to: evaluate, compare and select opportunities and projects; manage partnerships and alliances; and most importantly, make more informed business decisions in a complex, multi-dimensional environment.
5 of the CE[bar]ram Business Application Suite to attendees, featuring CE[bar]ram Global Medical Assistance[TM] (CGMA), a function providing program-level support for government healthcare agencies.
We evaluated a number of solutions that would support our vision of an application suite to capture customer interactions for performance management and quality assurance.
We will leverage the Enterprise Engineer application suite to automate existing manual processes helping us create economies of scale in the management of existing and future capital assets with our first implementation taking place for our UK North Sea operations based in Aberdeen, Scotland.
McLaren Software's Enterprise Engineer application suite provides our energy vertical market with a complete solution for managing complex engineering content and the business processes associated with creating and using this content," said Randy Ziegler, Director of Developer Programs at EMC Corporation.
Movaris, the software company that automates and unifies account reconciliations, SOX compliance, financial close and financial reporting processes, and Parson Consulting, a leading financial management consultancy, today announced a strategic partnership that combines Parson's financial management services expertise with Movaris' OneClose software application suite.
The joint solution combines industry leading services and technology from IBM with the Curam Business Application Suite to deliver a state-of-the-art solution based on industry best practices, streamlined business processes, and integrated service delivery models from social enterprises world-wide resulting in an across-the-enterprise, cost-effective solution for agencies wishing to modernize their existing legacy applications.
The "Certified for SAP NetWeaver" status ensures the interoperability of Highdeal Transactive's pricing and electronic transaction management software with the SAP application suite.

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