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see embroideryembroidery,
ornamental needlework applied to all varieties of fabrics and worked with many sorts of thread—linen, cotton, wool, silk, gold, and even hair. Decorative objects, such as shells, feathers, beads, and jewels, are often sewn to the embroidered piece.
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; needleworkneedlework,
work done with a needle, either plain sewing, mending, or ornamental work such as embroidery, quilting, smocking, hemstitching, fagoting, some kinds of lace making (see lace), patchwork, and appliqué.
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An accessory decorative feature applied to a structure. In ornamental work, one material affixed to another.


(graphic arts)
A decoration or ornament made by cutting out and attaching one piece of material to the surface of another.
A combination of lenses that provides for the same focal length at three or more wavelengths.


1. An accessory decorative feature applied to an object or structure.
2. In ornamental work, one material affixed to another.
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Newbie Akshara Haasan walked the ramp for Rina, dressed in a lavender and silver lehenga with silver embroidery and applique flowers on the blouse.
The robotic applique kit is platform independent, meaning it can be installed in any heavy vehicle or machine, rendering that vehicle optionally unmanned, which means the equipment can still operate manually as needed.
This testing is expected to enable the US military to obtain the required Material Release for SRW applique fielding.
The study was centred in Pipili, Banmalipur for applique work, in Satsankh and Sakhigopal area for coir craft and in Raghurajpur and Dandasahi for patta painting.
The Harris SRW applique systems consist of a Falcon III wideband radio and small form factor wideband power amplifier.
Install all applique hex I head bolts to prevent corrosion in bolt holes
Her cloth applique shawl matches all of the colors of her dress.
According to the Wikipedia internet encyclopaedia, "The word applique comes from the French word appliquer, meaning to put on or to lay on.
blank journal * tacky glue * piece of velvet * ribbon * applique * gems
Providing aspiring quilters with twenty original needlecraft projects and their variations including bags, throws, table accessories, and pillow jackets, One Stitch Quilting is enhanced with more then 300 instructive illustrations and full-color photos, block and applique patterns, and thorough reference selections which detail the tools, terms, and techniques for the "One Stitch" quilting method.
Cusak has created applique illustrations for many prestigious clients and has won several awards for her work, including an Emmy.
The Rags Land Collection offers styles to suit any occasion embellished with hand-smocking, applique, and embroidery.