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Objective: "According to ICAO Doc 9931, a Continuous Descent Operation is an operation, enabled by airspace design, procedure design and ATC facilitation, in which an arriving aircraft descends continuously, to the greatest extent possible, by employing minimum engine thrust, ideally in a low drag configuration, prior to the final approach fix.
As I commenced the approach, I did everything in my power to save fuel by flying my FPAS calculated, maximum-range Mach number until just inside the final approach fix.
Once I'd oozed into position 15 feet from my final approach fix, I still had to study the water for several minutes before acquiring a target.
This will be achieved by enabling aircraft to join the arrival sequence earlier and manage their speed better to arrive at their initial approach fix at the optimum time for their destination airport in the London terminal manoeuvring area (TMA).
The crew declared an in-flight emergency with Air Traffic Control, coordinated to adjust gross weight by 20,000 pounds of fuel, and entered holding at Offutt AFB's Initial Approach Fix to discuss landing and go-around considerations.
Wake Island base ops directed the second cell to hold at the approach fix at 14,000 feet until the first KC-10 had landed.
We broke out of the weather just prior to the final approach fix.
FA-18 pilot descended to 2,500 feet when told to maintain 3,000 feet until the initial approach fix (IAF).
A STAR is a predetermined route that takes the aircraft from the last waypoint of its flight plan to the starting point of the approach, called the Initial Approach Fix (IAF), and then onto the actual runway.
At the final approach fix my copilot stated, "Handle down, three green, slats extended, flaps full, safety check complete.
Rather than writing an "Initial Approach Fix," my comments are more appropriately titled "Final Approach Fix," as it will be my last as I head off into retirement and must pass the reigns of your Director of Naval Aviation Safety to Capt.
En route to the initial approach fix at 10,000 feet Mean Sea Level, while dumping gas and flying radar trail in the weather at night, the indicated airspeed on both the heads up display and electronic altitude display indicator decreased to 14 knots indicated air speed.