approval request

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approval request (APREQ)

A request that must be made by all aircraft intending flight to a destination airport where flow control restrictions are in effect.
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But in submitting their out-of-state travel approval request form, the administrators wrote: "ESS leadership's purpose in attending this conference is to increase the access of special education students to our district's AVID programs.
iApproveIt fills that void by providing “instant” notification or approval request to the Smartphone of one or more approvers and providing an “instant” response capability from the approver(s) to the pending users/program.
Tenders are invited for 2016 Seal Of Approval Request for Responses.
Datablink's mobile apps allow users to receive a notification on their phone (push notification) that includes their authentication attempt approval request or transaction details as well as a request for verification.
New FOSS approval request automation, which introduces a request-centric view for users.
The application includes all the details regarding the approval request allowing the user to make an informed approval decision, without having to logon to Maximo.
January 24, 2006 Record date for written approval request April 14, 2006 Early approval deadline - Last day written approval may be given in order to receive the early consent payment of $0.
They can respond instantly to a RO approval request from the service department, allowing quicker turn times on service bays.
For example, in a sales situation involving an approval request for a non-standard quote, a sales rep can configure a routing such that, once the quote has been reviewed by the sales managers, the team as a whole meets to discuss the opportunity.
I am pleased that the OTS gave us such a quick response to our branch approval request," stated Kermit K.
In conjunction with the filing, the Company has received a commitment from JPMorgan Chase for up to $300 million in debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing, with an interim approval request of $150 million.