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Cut the apricots into quarters lengthways (discarding the stones) and arrange neatly around the tart.
Place the marzipan pieces on six apricot glazed mousse cookies.
Apricot now features 50 percent more apricots to give every bite a zesty apricot flavor.
28 canneries bought 13,044 tons of apricots against 8,855 in the previous year (47% growth) this year.
Beautiful apricot nose, the ladies would love this one," said Robert Lachman.
Launched in 2006, Wild Apricot is built around the philosophy of listening to customers and evolving the product based on their needs and feedback.
Rich flavors of apricot, peach, caramel, and honey, plus a hint of something exotic and spicy.
Pour a cordon of syrup around, place a ball of apricot sorbet in the middle and serve with the fresh mint.
HINT: If the apricot jam is too thick to easily mix with the ripe fruit, simply heat a small amount of jam on the stove.
Apricot already discontinued PC production in June as it has become unable to keep up with price-cutting competition, the officials said.
Apricot keeps track of some 17,000 products-- from copiers to pencils-via a computer network and inventory software.
announced today it has made an equity investment in Apricot Hill a digital lifestyle multimedia and social utility company.