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the termination at the sanctuary end of a church, generally semicircular in plan but sometimes square or polygonal. The apse appeared early in Roman temples and basilicas; it was originally a semicircular recess with a half dome as ceiling and contained the monumental statue of the deity. The motif was adopted in the early Christian churches; in these the apse occupied the eastern end of the building where the altar, the bishop's throne, and the seats of the clergy were placed. A fine example of this early form is in the cathedral of Torcello near Venice. Because of its location and function in the church services, the apse became the architectural climax of the church interior and was richly ornamented. In the early churches, the half-dome ceiling was incrusted with handsome mosaics, the walls were veneered with fine marbles, and the altar and pulpits were also richly decorated. As the apse steadily increased in liturgical and architectural emphasis, chapels were added to it. In English Gothic architecture the apse was in most cases a square termination, and in Italy its form remained a simple semicircle, as the chapels were in another part of the church. In France the entire choir—composed of apse, ambulatory, and radiating chapels (the whole termed a chevet)—attained, in the 12th and 13th cent., its great splendor.


A semicircular or polygonal space, usually in a church, terminating an axis and intended to house an altar.


A semicircular (or nearly semicircular) or semipolygonal space, usually in a church, terminating an axis and intended to house an altar.


A semicircular (or nearly semicircular) or semipolygonal space, usually in a church, terminating an axis and intended to house an altar.


1. a domed or vaulted semicircular or polygonal recess, esp at the east end of a church
2. Astronomy another name for apsis


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Klinik bulgularinda artma gozlenen olgunun kranyal BT'sinde orbital sellulit ve orbital apse saptandi.
The complex and powerful drawing on the upper part of the August 1557 sheet offers a uniquely personal conflation of architectural-pictorial conventions, in order to clarify the relationships of the interior space from the ground looking up into the vault of the south apse above.
The team worked with students from the Product-Architecture Lab at the Stevens Institute of Technology to come up with an apse design that paid homage to the building's past uses as a religious institution and as the home of a veterans' organization, but that better reflected a contemporary culture.
DirectCourse brings together the robust functionality of our Elsevier Performance Manager learning and performance solution with best-in-class curricula developed and guided by APSE and recognized industry leaders.
Yaygin tutulum gosteren ve tekrarlayan GBS enfeksiyonlarinda endokardit, beyinde apse gelisimi, ventrikulit, osteomyelit, retrofarengeal apse, submandibular apse ve parotit gelisimleri bildirilmistir (3,9-12).
Along with Potton, Apse is perhaps New Zealand's best known landscape photographer.
Paravalvuler apse, infektif endokarditin (|E) onemli bir komplikasyonu olup, persistan enfeksiyon, iletim anomalileri, fistul olusumu, kalp yetersizliginin kotulesmesi, olum ile beraberdir ve aortik kapakta mitral kapaga gore daha sik izlenir.
The protrusion contains the bursar's office and a sacristy that flank the apse.
Emanating from the dark central apse of the 12th-century church, the ancient, mystical sound of Gregorian chant stirred the crowd and lived up to the subtitle of Reznikoff's show, "The Movement of the Soul.
I have always enjoyed Boudreau's articles in Parish Life, so I eagerly turned to his article "Get your apse out of my narthex
Not only does their appearance indicate the symbolic nature of the visual depictions, but it reveals an early phase in the development of the standard middle-Byzantine sanctuary program with archangels flanking the Theotokos in the apse.
Yesterday the search team was waiting for the farmer to cut his corn before digging in the field at Apse Heath, near Shanklin.