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The also have different tread patterns that shift more water, making then less likely to aquaplane.
I thought it was going to rain and chose a tyre that wouldn't aquaplane like in the first race, but the track dried.
But the only two oblique references to flooded roads are tucked away under advice on drying out brakes affected by water and slowing down gradually if you start to aquaplane.
In heavy rain or standing water, the car could even aquaplane.
Large stretches of the A45 near Stretton-upon-Dunsmore were labelled "very dangerous" as deep pools of surface water caused cars to aquaplane.
At 2mm, the road-holding characteristics will change and the car will aquaplane at lower speeds because the water isn't displaced quickly enough.
She was travelling from Rathcoole to meet friends in Rathnew, Co Wicklow, when water streaming on to the road caused her car to aquaplane over the cliff edge.
A EUROPEAN science project has said it is ready to move ahead with tire giant Goodyear to commercialise tested and new tire sensors that can warn motorists of potential blowouts, skids, aquaplanes and other potentially dangerous accidents.
If your vehicle loses its grip, or aquaplanes, on surface water take your foot off the accelerator to slow down.