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, any plant of the genus Aquilegia, temperate-zone perennials of the family Ranunculaceae (buttercup family), popular both as wildflowers and as garden flowers. Columbines have delicate and attractive foliage and flower petals with long spurs that secrete nectar.
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a genus of perennial herbaceous plants of the family Ranunculaceae. The flowers have five large brightly colored sepals and five funnel-shaped petals extended forward into a spur. The petals are blue, violet, or sometimes red, pink, or white. The fruit is an aggregate follicle. There are about 75 known species in the temperate zone of Europe, Asia, and America. The plants of the genus Aquilegia grow on forest edges, along river valleys, and in mountains. In the USSR there are about 20 species. Some species of Aquilegia have long been grown in gardens and have yielded many valuable forms and interspecific hybrids; long-spur hybrids are especially valued. A widely distributed species is the columbine (A. vulgaris), of which there are varieties with simple and double flowers. The species A. glandulosa is valued as an ornament for its attractive large light-blue flowers with white centers.


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I hope, however, that enlightenment doesn't mean I have to get rid of my aquilegias.
uk or contact Dirk van der Werf the editor and publisher at Aquilegia Publishing, 2 Grange Close, Hartlepool, TS26 ODU, for further details of this mine of plantsman's information.
The yellow flowers and arching foliage of Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus look perfect with the low rosettes and big yellow daisies of Doronicum 'Harpur Crewe' and the broad blue flowers and clumps of maidenhair foliage on Aquilegia 'Hensol Harebell'.
With Aquilegia canadensis it is red and yellow, while with Bluebird it's a soft blue and white.
No-one should ever need to buy more than one Aquilegia, one ornamental grass, or any of the prolific self-seeders, although the tiny plantlets are easily missed in the frenzy of spring weeding.
TIPS Bright, bold plants such as stunning purple iris, above, and, below, blood-red aquilegia, will have a bigger following.
When you cut the meadow in high summer, the aquilegia seeds fall straight to the ground.
Old stalwarts like aubretia, mossy saxifrages, gentiana (look for the blue sino-ornata), fritillaria and aquilegia will fill more gaps and cost you about pounds 2 for a packet of more seeds than you'll need.
Q LAST year every single aquilegia in my garden was eaten by a mystery bug, leaving just a cluster of bare stalks.
The enthusiasts' catalogue contains too many good plants to list but I have to mention a new double Aquilegia vulgaris 'Tower Series' with its pink and blue flowers.
Her love of cottage garden plants has developed into a blossoming romance with Aquilegia vulgari, or Granny Bonnets.
Choose plants that are relatively resistant to rabbits, including Alchemilla mollis, clematis, euphorbia, helleborus, narcissus, dahlia and aquilegia.