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see foreign exchangeforeign exchange,
methods and instruments used to adjust the payment of debts between two nations that employ different currency systems. A nation's balance of payments has an important effect on the exchange rate of its currency.
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Also a requirement is cancelled for banks to register arbitrage transactions rules with the NBU and a respective procedure guiding such registration.
The December 380-cst EW arbitrage spread narrowed to about $19.
The author examines the ethics of arbitrage in modern finance, showing how the rules can be stretched in a legal yet unethical way.
One of the well-discussed pure arbitrage examples is "covered interest arbitrage" (e.
Provide arbitrage consulting and compliance services includes reviewing all relevant bond documents and consulting with the city and bond counsel as needed to determine the correct interpretation of applicable sections of the internal revenue code as it applies to the bonds.
Kathy L Fortmann, president of Cargill Business Services, said, 'We were late to this game (of outsourcing) - even at the beginning, we clearly said that we should not bother do this for arbitrage.
Global labour arbitrage occurs when manufacturing companies in one country or continent take advantage of lower labour costs in another to produce the same products thereby creating a higher profit margin.
Arbitrage funds make money by gaining from the difference in price of a security in different markets.
With Realogix Capital, partnering with Arbitrage their agreement has said to offer secure financial services to their clients.
Arbitrage isn't the best film of Gere's career, but it's the sort of interesting, adult role which Michael Douglas would have equally enjoyed in his pomp.
Arbitrage is a term used to explain the possible profits that can be gained from the exploitation of price discrepancies across markets.