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6) On this view, however, arbitration is still viewed as merely achieving the more modest objective of resolving disputes between the parties.
Although the issue of the enforceability of mandatory arbitration clauses is a controversial one, it should not be.
Addressing a forum on Arbitration Art and Skills, Standards and Conditions of Arbitration Centres,' he noted that Oman should strive for the creation of an efficient arbitration system that would ensure a speedy resolution of commercial disputes.
22) limited the scope of arbitration issues that a court could address solely to the issue of whether the parties submitted a particular dispute to arbitration.
Below is a breakdown of the 128 players that filed for salary arbitration in 2010
Commenting on the agreement, Al Mulla said:" The agreement signals a new era of effective cooperation between Dubai International Arbitration Centre and Malta Arbitration Centre.
Al-Khafir said the program would tackle 30 issues, including the development of arbitration laws in the Kingdom, types of arbitration and other means of settling disputes.
According to Sulaiman, arbitration would continue to be a key focus of DIFC as it continued to evolve its legal infrastructure.
Summarizing that an agreement is unenforceable as unconscionable only if it is both procedurally and substantively unconscionable, the court found the arbitration clause enforceable as it was not procedurally unconscionable.
Arbitration is cheaper, faster, less complicated and fairer, with the average consumer less likely to hire a lawyer and file suit if only a small amount of money is at stake.
Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, considered 34,000 arbitration cases involving California consumers from 2003 to 2007 and concluded that:
The Next Step: Recent big-time arbitration awards and Congressional scrutiny may cause insurers to retool their arbitration processes.