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a chief duke, esp (since 1453) a prince of the Austrian imperial dynasty



(Erzherzog), in Austria and later in Austria-Hungary, a title held by princes of the royal house of Hapsburg, officially conferred in 1453. It stems from a privilege extended to Austrian dukes in the 12th century, by which they were granted rights equal to those of electors, who were also called Erzkurfürsten.

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Those exhibitions were mainly about Teniers's paintings of the Archduke Leopold Wilhelm's art gallery in the 1650s.
We encounter, among others, the Archdukes Albert and Isabella, protectors of the interests of church and state; Hendrik Heynot, the irascible pastor of Opwijk, exacting more than his share of the tithe in the opinion of the village magistrates; Jan Berchmans, the saintly and intelligent boy from Diest, moving from one school to another within a complex web of diocesan politics; Madam Joanna Boisot, an aristocratic Benedictine nun of Grand Bigard west of Brussels, repeatedly defying the strictures of cloister; Sister Cornelia vande Vinne of the Augustinian Black Sisters, under suspicion of robbing one of her home-care patients in Leuven.
Philip's wife, Queen Margaret of Austria, successfully negotiated aid for her brothers the Archdukes Ferdinand and Leopold of Styria, used her religious patronage to strengthen her political influence, and pressured Philip to rely less on Lerma.
The essays in this collection cover the history of the Netherlands under the reign of the Archdukes Albert and Isabella, from the Cession of the Netherlands (1598) to Albert's death in 1621.