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This proposition has been hotly debated, and opponents have argued that live variola virus has never been isolated from archeologic specimens and that live virus vaccination carries its own risks.
There are no published reports of residual live microbes found in archeologic relics.
High concentrations of arsenic have been found in various tissues of mummified bodies in archeologic sites in the region dating as far back as 830 B.
201) Another section of the 1956 Act allows the Secretary of the Interior to construct public recreational facilities and fish and wildlife mitigation facilities "to conserve the scenery, the natural, historic, and archeologic objects and the wildlife" on project lands using "such means as are consistent with the primary purposes of said projects.
Archeologic evidence suggests that Leishmania species that cause cutaneous leishmaniasis were present in South America long before the arrival of Europeans.
This report describes an outbreak of coccidioidomycosis in workers at an archeologic site in northeastern Utah during June-July, 2001, and represents the first identification of coccidioidomycosis in northern Utah.
Dust storms (4,5) and activities associated with heavy dust exposure such as agricultural labor (6), excavating archeologic ruins (7), and military combat training (8,9) increase infection rates, total infectious load, and the proportion of symptomatic cases.