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, archeology
the study of man's past by scientific analysis of the material remains of his cultures


The systematic recovery by scientific methods of material evidence remaining from human life and culture in past ages, through evidence found in the ground, and the detailed study of this evidence. Archeology evidence case study.


(science and technology)
The scientific study of the material remains of the cultures of historical or prehistorical peoples.
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They will also be discussing new technical scanning equipment that is being used in the archeology arena.
Sub-Divisional Officer Archeology Malik Ghulam Mohamamd while talking to reporter on Sunday informed that a good number of people could offer prayer in the mosque simultaneously as it had 6,000 feet courtyard.
The be ginners guide to archeology can be found at www.
If we weren't doing archeology here, they may have broken up the wall as they came across it.
Both she and Ballard spoke of the research as a demonstration that deep-sea archeology is emerging as a new branch of science.
Mummy expert Sonia Guillen, who studied Juanita after the mummy was first brought down from Mount Ampato in September 1995, believes the renewed interest in Peru is also part of the Indiana Jones image of archeology.
The scientific discipline archeology (the study of antiquity through ancient writings and artifacts) is taught in every university in this country and abroad.
Scientists in her field said she set the standards for documentation and excavation in paleolithic archeology.
In a text derived from Part I of the Handbook of Gender in Archeology (2006) which she edited, Nelson (archeology, U.
Pauketat and Diana DiPaolo Loren, North American Archaeology is an anthology of essays by learned and scholarly authors concerning hot topics in archeology on the North American continent.
Glick was among 300 students at Santa Susana Elementary School who touched, held and inspected replicas of ancient Old World and New World artifacts during an archeology education program Thursday.
In this extension of his five-volume Encyclopedia of Archeology (1999-2001, ABC-CLIO), Murray (archeology, La Trobe U.