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As mentioned earlier, whether critics regard it as unresolved and disconnected or deliberately disjointed or architectonically secure, to most of them, the poem is puzzling or untypical.
The monk of Lerins insisted that development, even exceedingly great progress, occurs in the life of the Church; but it must be homogeneous in kind, architectonically related to prior fundamental teaching.
Ring composition, or classical Latin inclusio and medieval emboitement, as the device is also known, resembles architectonically a host of other small-scale or local tropes, figures, and graphic or acoustic games: the palindrome, the boustrophedon or mirror-spelled word, anadiplosis, the stanzaic corona, hysteron proteron, and, most important, antimetabole.
The technique more than recalls Adorno's notion that Sch[ddot{o}]nberg's great achievement, in Moses und Aron, was first to have radically compressed and then interwoven monumental construction and extreme polyphony; indeed, Guest virtually courts melodic decomposition as her means toward reinventing poetry's version of "through-composed," architectonically conceived musicality.
If Bramante's Belvedere courtyard can be read as the first example of a Western garden design conceived in absolute unity with architecture, then Villa Lante might be seen as the pioneering example of a garden which architectonically defines all available space, subsuming the built features.
This book has been architectonically constructed by an adroit teacher, who leads readers through a maze of data without losing the point.
The SOB was architectonically accomplished (the lyrical juxtaposition of glass and concrete, the use of transparency and reflection, the muscular bronze-clad columns) and widely admired within the profession.

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