arcuated lintel

Syrian arch

Syrian arch
On a classical façade, an arched entablature over the central intercolumniation.
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Brown, "The Arcuated Lintel and Its Symbolic Interpretation in Late Antique Art," American Journal of Archaeology 46, no.
In fact, the latter object provided another example of the motif discussed by Brown in "The Arcuated Lintel," 394-97, fig.
Thus Dupre Raventos adds the basilica at Tusculum to the small but typologically and dimensionally coherent group of late Republican examples with their long ends facing the forum known from Italian towns, while Frova reconstructs the richly decorated apse, added to the Julio-Claudian basilica at Verona in the Severan period, as employing arcuated lintels reminiscent of the more famous Severan basilica at Lepcis Magna in place of the traditional lintels.