area of coverage

area of coverage (World area forecast system)

A geographical area for which a regional area forecast center supplies forecasts for flights departing from aerodromes in its service area (ICAO).
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He said that 10 kilowatt transmitter would be installed at Bahawalpur Radio Station which will increase the area of coverage.
Following its unprecedented success, a second unit was created in order to expand its area of coverage and reduce the waiting time for customers.
Hobby Airport and Bush Intercontinental Airport's terminals A and D now offer free Wi-Fi, and the area of coverage includes ticketing lobbies, baggage claims, gate areas and food courts.
8220;Typhoon Guard (Insurance)” is an index insurance (*) which pays the insured the predetermined insured amount if the center of a typhoon passes through the predetermined area of coverage.
Both operators have marked their area of coverage so there is no real competition.
12, 2013, the day before the sea ice reached its minimum area of coverage for the year.
He said: "My ambition is to consolidate this growth over the next 12 months and offer our clients, both existing and new, a greater area of coverage both geographically and service wise.
We have worked very closely with Starbucks for over a decade and are excited to expand our area of coverage into Northern New Jersey" said Sabre's managing principal, Jayson Siano, who has represented the chain on Long Island.
The area of coverage extends to the whole of Bahrain and its territorial waters.
If you had large planter bed or huge lawn areas, you could cap off up to half of your existing spray sprinklers thanks to the increased area of coverage provided by the new nozzles.
Consolidated Ecoprogress, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada extended the area of coverage for The Healthy Forum (THF), a Cambridgeshire, U.
In Argentina, its area of coverage is west from Buenos Aires and north along the Uruguay and Brazil border to Paraguay.